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December 8, 2009
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I love to write. I love creating a story and characters that I know people will love or hate. Flaubert once famously said “I spent the morning putting in a comma, and the afternoon taking it out.” While I can certainly relate to this on some level, I’ve never tried taking myself or my craft too seriously. Writing, and reading what was written should, in my opinion be fun and not feel like a chore. And, even though my work might not rank up there with the weightiest of tomes, I write like people speak, like they think and I believe that this approach lends an air of honesty and accessibility to what I write. If only one person comes away from reading something that I’ve written and thinks “I’d like to meet Curtis Comer, I’ll bet he’s interesting,” then I’ve accomplished something.

My first novel, “Midnight Whispers: the Blake Danzig Chronicles,” (Bold Strokes Books, 2010) has now been released and is doing very well. A sequel is already in the works.

Meanwhile, I continue to write my weekly column, “(Not Quite) Out to Pasture,” for the Vital Voice which, I hope, speaks to those gay men (like me)who have divorced themselves from the “gay scene” of nightclubs, bars and cruising.


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Curtis Christopher Comer’s short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including Ultimate Gay Erotica, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008; Best Gay Love Stories, 2005, 2006, 2007; Dorm Porn I and II; My First Time, Volume Five; Fast Balls, Cruise Lines, Treasure Trails, and Starf*cker. He co-authored the novel Wonderland and writes a column for the Vital Voice in his hometown of St. Louis. His novel, Midnight whispers: the Blake Danzig Chronicles, (Bold Strokes Books) was released in 2010 and is available through most online retailers or at His book, (Not Quite) Out to Pasture, was released in September 2012 by Walrus Publishing and, most recently, The Elephant Gate (published March 2013) is avaialble at